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See what I did there? I used BREW instead of BRU in the word February. Because we brewed in February. Get it? I’m so clever and original. Pretty sure no one has ever spelled February like that before. I’m a laugh riot. 

So, if you’re a regular reader of our little blog, my nerdiness should come as no surprise. What might come as a surprise is that the weather in February was warm enough to pull off a brew session! We were beyond excited. See…

Brian is beyond excited.

What would our first brew session of the year be? The Hot Blonde! Now, we love the Hot Blonde, we have a deep, meaningful relationship with the Hot Blonde. The Hot Blonde has won prizes, ribbons, trophies, and cash monies. The Hot Blonde has been good to us. It’s just…the Hot Blonde was not our first choice when it came to our first brew session of the year. We have so many new recipes on deck that we wanted to try, but we brewed the Hot Blonde. Why? Well, the Hot Blonde is doing something new for us, something I can’t go into detail about right now. When the time is right, I’ll spill the beans. For now, I’ll leave you frustrated and annoyed because I built you up as if I was going to tell you, but then shut you down. I can only tell you this, the Hot Blonde will be more accessible in the near future. All that junk aside, let’s get to the real reason you came here…super sexy beer porn!!!

Jalapeños, malts, and hops oh my!

All set up and ready to brew! It felt good to be brewing again!

Doughing in. I take stirring very seriously. 

The grant doing grant stuff.

Sorting out the hops.

Prepping the jalapeños

Starting to fill the kettle. The Hot Blonde sure is a pretty beer!

The first runnings in the kettle.

Brian tending to the hot break. He also takes stirring very seriously.

How serious? This serious.

The hot break is complete, we’ve got a full boil going on!

Seth took many readings at regular intervals to get a better idea of our processes.

Of all the different recipes we’ve brewed, no boil looks as cool as the Hot Blonde.

Starting to fill the fermentation buckets. Gorgeous!

Aerating before pitching the yeast.

Well friends, that’s it! We had a blast brewing beer again, and for our first brew since September, it went surprisingly smooth and we hit all of numbers! Good time had by all. I’ll keep you all posted on the big news as more information becomes available. 

Until next time…