About Us

Regular Guy Brewing is a small, up-and-coming, craft brewer based out of Madison County, IL. The company was founded by three long-time friends who decided to shift their shared love of beer drinking to the realm of beer brewing.

The focus of Regular Guy Brewing is to make beer for the every man. We strive to craft recipes and produce beers that are appealing to hard-working gentlemen (and ladies) regardless of their profession. We feel that the average Joe has been largely marginalized by existing brewers (large and small) who generally underestimate the palates and drinking desires of the Regular Guy.

We are those guys. We want beer that tastes good, has substance and personality, but goes down easy. We aren’t beer snobs by any means…but we want a beer that is truly beer and not just watered down corn and rice. The Regular Guy has worked hard, and deserves much better than that.

At the same time, the Regular Guy doesn’t want to mix and mingle with the artsy-fartsy hipster crowd. Who does? Other artsy-fartsy hipsters, and that’s about it. This is craft beer without the pretentiousness and self-importance. Beer crafted with one singular audience in mind…the Regular Guy.

We brew this beer to be enjoyed while watching football on a Sunday afternoon. While sitting in front of the barbecue, smoking a pork shoulder. While cooling down after mowing the lawn on a hot summer day. While unwinding after a long day of work. While hanging out with your hockey team in the parking lot after a hard fought victory.

We don’t care if you use fancy glasses, or swig it straight from the bottle. We’re cool like that. The only thing that matters to us, is that you love the taste of our beer.

You earned it. Enjoy.

The guys behind Regular Guy Brewing

Brian Koontz
Bottling Ninja and Chief Ice Getter
By day, Brian is the administrator of a nursing home. He has a beautiful wife (who deserves consideration for sainthood for putting up with our late night brewing sessions with minimal complaint), three awesome kids and a pretty kick-ass dog.

Seth Treptow
Head Pump Technician and Primary Plumber of Stuff
When he’s not brewing beer, Seth is the communications director of an international honor society. He has a wonderful wife, an adorable brand spanking new daughter, and a darn cute dog.

Justin Warren
Lead Measurer of Things and Guardian of the Fermenters
Justin is a manly man, who makes steel with fire for a living.  He has one amazing son, a super cute baby daughter and a wonderful wife who put up with our early on brewing efforts.

When we aren’t brewing beer, the guys behind Regular Guy Brewing enjoy playing disc golf and making the occasional odd-ball short film. Check out our most recent piece of cinematic awesomeness at: http://youtu.be/noenKfHCUnE