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Holy cow guys! Where have we been? What have we been up to? What’s new with you? It has been since October 3rd since I last posted. At that point we were getting ready for the Breese Fall Festival. So let’s dish!

The Breese Fall Festival was great as always. It’s just such a fun day. It’s a very laid back event, just hanging out talking about beer with the other brewers and the patrons of the festival, and getting quality feedback. It was a very busy day and I didn’t get many pictures, but here’s what I have to share.

All set up and ready to pour!

We had a ton of traffic all day. All 20 gallons we brought were gone by the end of the day.

Seth pouring for the people!

The good ol boys from Horsemen Brewing stopped by as well! Thanks for the support gents!

So, October is a crazy busy month for us. The Breese Fall Festival, my anniversary, Brian’s kids had Homecoming, work, school, family stuff, and of course DAFCAE! In case you forgot, DAFCAE is the Dude’s Annual Fall Camping Adventure Extravaganza. It’s a weekend that Brian, Seth, and I get to temporarily forget all of our responsibilities, drink an obscene amount of beer, camp out in the chilly fall weather, eat foods we’ll someday regret, and play a massive amount of disc golf. With all that going on in October, we didn’t get any brewing done, and that’s ok! I know it’s out of character for me to NOT get many pictures, but sometimes I’m just having too much fun to think about it. Here’s a super short video of us playing with the campfire during our trip. Enjoy!

So after all the craziness that was October, we come to November. November was a slow brewing activity month as well, but we were able to get our Chocolate Milk Stout out of the bourbon barrel and into the kegs. Holy cow I’ve got some pictures of that!

That sexy barrel was holding our Chocolate Milk Stout since September!

Brian transferring from the barrel to the keg.

Filtering the BA Chocolate Milk Stout.

Brian and Seth doing Brian and Seth stuff!

And finally the filtered beer filling the keg. It was carbonated and bottled and tastes fantastic!

So that was the last bit of brew stuff we’ve done. When we bottled the BA Chocolate Milk Stout, it was pretty damn cold outside. At that point we decided to put off further brewing activities until the weather warmed up. Call us wimps if you want, but we’ll be warm wimps drinking other breweries stuff by a cozy fire. I think we win either way. Here comes a few pictures of off season activities we’ve been doing.

We’ve been supporting our most local brewery, Recess Brewing.

We’ve been there a few times since our brewing activities have been put on hold.

Supporting Recess Brewing…again!

Supporting our friends and fellow homebrewers StolzeStyle Brewing.

Supporting our friends and fellow homebrewers Perzell Brewing.

Supporting our Twitter friend at Got Beer Opener.

So that brings us closer to Christmas. The most hectic time of the year…that’s how the song goes right? Well, the Regular Guys all have kids and that means we didn’t have time for much of anything else. Plus, it’s cold and we’re wimps, so we weren’t going to brew anyway.

I know you are all wondering what the hell 2017 has in store for Regular Guy Brewing. You’re all sitting on the edge of your seats, chomping at the bit.

You guys: “just tell us damn it!”

Us: “we don’t know.”

You guys: “we break up.”

Us: “ok fine, we’ll tell you.”

You guys are soooooooooo over dramatic. 2017 is going to have a much different look for us. In 2016 we brewed A LOT. Not only did we brew a lot, but we also brewed the same recipes over and over. We participated in three different events and took mostly the same beers to all three. What am I getting at? It wasn’t very exciting. Don’t get us wrong, we love brewing, we love hanging out together, we love taking our beer to competitions, 2016 just ended up having a very mechanical feel to it. So, 2017 is going to be a more experimental year for us. We’re going to brew new and exciting recipes. Things we’ve been putting off for far too long. We’re also not going to brew as frequently. We’re going to make time for the other things we really love to do. Disc golf will be a priority in 2017. 

You guys: “so you’re going to brew less and play more disc golf? Cool?”

Me: “I don’t think I like your sarcastic tone.”

We have a side project in mind as well. As you may recall, Brian and I met Seth because of our love of video production. We used to make short films almost as frequently as we brew beer. So, we’ve decided to make time to play around with some video stuff as well. Don’t worry, we’re still going to brew, we’re still going to competitions (just not as many), we’re still going to be the same Regular Guys you’ve come to know and love, we’re just going to focus on having more fun in 2017. Can you blame us?

Until next time…