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Friday night we brewed for the first time in what seemed like a lifetime. You see, our last three beers had some issues. We spent nearly a month brainstorming and having non-brewing meetings trying to figure out what the issues were and what we could do differently to solve these problems.

Our wheat was weak in the flavor department and WAY over carbonated.

Our APA, which is our pride and joy, had decent flavor, but was WAY under carbonated.

Our Honey Brown had a good brown ale flavor, but lacked the honey taste we are going for and was WAY under carbonated.

That being said, we brewed our third version of our wheat on Friday. We came together and knocked it out like professionals! Everything went smoothly and our mash efficiency was that of a veteran home brewer. I think we may have found our combination to brewing greatness!

After three disappointing batches in a row, this was a breath of fresh air and just what these Regular Guys needed! I know I walked away Friday night confident and excited to brew again.

We’ll keep you posted!