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Holy cow! It has been over a month since I’ve blogged on the old blogging machine. We need to catch up! How are you? How are things? How’s your mom?

Things on our end have been slow and steady. Sometimes it’s hard to make yourself brew beer in a garage when it’s-7° outside. My friend Joe would laugh at-7° and call us pansies because-7° in Minnesota is t-shirt weather. BUT-7° is too cold for me to go sticking my hands into water and pulling bottles out to fill them. Anyways, we have done a few things in the last month or so that’s worth bragging about.

Seth blogged on the bloggity blog blog maker about his control panel. This thing is really cool! It really is the brain of the brewing system. It can be and as automated as you want it to be. We could run the show 100% or we can just put in ingredients when the brain tells us too! Pretty exciting stuff! Seth is and always has been the my mad scientist and brewing equipment guru, but this tops all!

We did manage to successfully brew a couple of beers. We have a Red Ale that is sitting in the old kegger right now that we’ll sample on Friday and another that we’ve already sampled and really like a lot. This brew has become known as our “Hot Blonde.” That’s right, it’s a jalepeño blonde ale! Sounds weird right? I thought it would too, but HOT damn it’s delicious! It has been regarded as our finest beer by at least one of our supportive parents (it was my dad). We like it a lot too.

Other than that it’s been business as usual. Babies are almost here. Work. Family stuff. Brian is looking sexier than ever.

Up next we are going to give a Milk Stout a shot. Never actually tasted a milk stout, but I’m pretty excited about it. We’ll keep you posted!