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It’s Friday. I should be super pumped about our brew session tonight, but I’m not.

                                                            Fade in

Int. Living Room Day

YOU and JUSTIN are in the living room sitting in fauteuils arranged transversely. I’ve just explained that I’m not excited about the brew session tonight.


Because we’re not brewing.

For the love of God, why not?!?

Woah drama queen. We can’t ALWAYS brew.

What am I going to do without your awesome Monday update and epic photos?

Don’t worry, I’ll have plenty of cat pictures and internet memes to keep you satisfied.

                                                              Cut to

A close up of you. Justin pulls out a stack of a million cat pictures and places them in your lap. You smile, tears of joy streaming down your face. You jump up, the pictures cascade down your legs like a cat waterfall.

                                                              Cut to

A wide angle shot of the room. After a brief moment you leap into my arms and we embrace, jumping up and down like excited teenage girls who just touched a piece of Justin Bieber’s chewed up bubble gum that he spit at us.

                                                Fade to black


Wow. Somebody should make that movie. It’s Oscar gold. No, but really, we aren’t brewing tonight. We’re regular guys and sometimes we have regular things we have to do. No bigs, we’ll be back at it next week come hell or high water.

Until then, this