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You: Friday night business meeting?

Me: Yes, Friday night business meeting.
You: Why aren’t you brewing or kegging or bottling or doing something fun?

Me: You don’t know fun until you’ve been to a Regular Guy business meeting!

You: Sounds boring and not fun.

Me: You’re wrong and I’m done with this conversation. I win.

You can be such a downer sometimes, you should try to be more positive.

Any who, yes we are having a business meeting tonight. We are planning our future brews and reviewing recipes for those future brews. We’ll show up in our business suits.


With our briefcases.


And legal pads.


Schematics will be drawn.


Heated arguments will ensue.


An understanding will be met.


Followed by a group hug.


None of that will actually happen. We’ll drink beer and talk about our recipes. I’m hoping to get a little work done on our website as well. Now having wasted a few minutes of your precious time I’ll let you get back to pretending to work on this glorious Friday. Have a great weekend everybody!

Until next time…