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Hello friends! Hoping everyone had a fantastic long weekend and a safe Independence Day. How did you celebrate the birthday of our great nation? For our international friends, how did you celebrate the beginning of another work week? I’ll tell you how we prepared for the holiday, we bottled our most American brew, our Cream Ale!

It could be the most refreshing beer in the world, nay…the universe! The quintessential summertime beer. Just cut the grassy in 90° temps with 100% humidity? Forget water, have our cream ale instead! Ok, that was reckless. Never underestimate the importance of hydration.

I digress.

Here’s our night in pictures!

The first pour of the cream ale.

Seth admiring his handiwork.

Seth filling the bottles, Brian capping.

130 bottles later, we’re finished!

Next it was the Red Rye-der’s turn for some bubbles. It’ll be ready to drink on Friday!

Finally it was time to check on the oatmeal raisin brown ale and add more raisins.

Very active fermentation, progressing nicely!

Two more pounds of raisins going in!

Well, that’s it friends, we hope you have a great rest of the week!

Until next time…