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Hi friends! We here at Regular Guy Brewing hope you had a fantastic weekend, I know we sure did! Wanna know why? We started brewing again! Maybe you noticed, or maybe you didn’t, but we took a couple of weeks off after we finished up our last beer. Brian took his family on vacation, Seth and I got together with Matt from Recess Brewing, and when Brian got back we used a night to just hang out as three best friends. 

You guys: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

Me: I know right!

But, the break must come to an end. No time for dilly dallying. Shenanigans are over. Tomfoolery no more. It’s time to get down to business! We got together on Friday night to start brewing the first beer for the Breese Fall Festival. This year we are bringing four very special beers to the festival. Some new to Breese, one new to even us, and one very near and dear to our hearts.

Beer 1 of 4

We kicked off our four week brewing marathon with our chocolate milk stout, Milk Money. Yes we know we’ve brewed this one many times, but we haven’t taken it to Breese to compete. We love this beer and we want to know if the people and brewers at the festival will love it too. That’s why we do these things right? Right! Plus we plan on putting some in our bourbon barrel again for wintertime enjoyment. 

So without further adieu, our night in pictures. 

I love the contrasting colors of the malts used to make our chocolate milk stout.

Seth making some last minute adjustments.

The first runnings.

The second runnings.

Getting very close to boiling! Rich chocolate and coffee aromas are filling the garage at this point.

Our friends, Dwayne and JT from Horsemen Brewing stopped by to help brew and let us try their very first beer. It was an oatmeal stout and it was pretty damn good!

Dwayne pouring their oatmeal stout for us to try.

A man and his beer!

We shared one of ours that they hadn’t tried before.

Tips and tricks while we wait for the hot break.

Filling up the fermentation buckets.

Aerating before pitching the yeast.

All in all it was a great night. Good beers, good friends, and good conversation. Our mash efficiency hit 89% and our overall efficiency landed at 83% not too shabby! 

Until next time…