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Maybe you can’t stop the brewathon, but illness can definitely delay it. Last week we were supposed to brew our third beer for the Breese Fall Festival, but Seth fell ill and sidelined our plans. No big deal, we had one extra week to play with so we’re still on track. So what if it’s technically not a “brewathon” anymore. Maybe it’s more like two mini brewathons separated by a week off. Regardless, we brewed and it was stupendous. Stupendous? 

Hell yeah stupendous! It was our tried and true cream ale. Take a look for yourself. 

Beer 3 of 4

When you see an abundance of flaked corn and barley and all those light malts, you know it’s time to make a cream ale!

Hops. Not many in a cream ale, but I just like the picture.

Brewmaster Seth wears many hats, this hat is electrician.

Filling the kettle. Such a pretty beer.

The kettle is full, waiting for the boil to begin.

Filling the fermentation buckets.

Aerating before pitching the yeast.

This was by far the smoothest brew session we’ve ever had. We got done earlier than normal, our numbers hit the targets exactly, and efficiency hit 86%! Fantastic brew day. Oh, but we’re not done yet! We had to dry hop our white IPA and add the cacao nibs to our chocolate milk stout as well. Of course I took pictures!

White IPA before the hop addition. Very healthy fermentation.

In goes the hops! We’ll let it ride another week.

Chocolate Milk Stout before the cacao nibs.

The luckiest cacao nibs on planet Earth! We’ll let this ride for another two weeks.

Well, that’s it for this week friends. We brew beer 4 of 4 this Friday. We can’t wait! 

Until next time…