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This Saturday, October 8th, starting at noon, this is happening: 

Ladies and gentlemen, if you haven’t experienced this event in years past, I strongly urge you to come out. It’s a family friendly festival with something for EVERYONE! Not to mention a metric ton of high quality, home brewed craft beer from many talented brewers.

All that said, we had some work to do! This past Friday Seth was out of town on a well deserved vacation with his lovely wife. Brian and I were tasked with filtering and kegging the Hot Blonde and sampling and bottling the judge’s portion of the Cream Ale. But as the old saying goes, when the cat’s away, the mice will play! No, really, we worked. Not only worked, but did a pretty damn good job, if we do say so ourselves! Let’s take a look at our handiwork shall we?

Of course I’m going to start of with a video of the first pour of the Cream Ale! We’re really excited to share this beer, it’s one of our favorites. We have yet to pour this one at a festival, so we’ll be looking forward to your feedback. 

Brian taking Seth’s place in the customary presentation picture. We tried to capture the beer foam moustache, but it didn’t translate well in the picture.

It’s not often that Seth is gone and I get to jump into the presentation picture as well! My beer foam moustache extends all the way to my nose.

It wasn’t all drinking beer and taking goofy beer moustache pictures to send to Seth. We had to filter and keg the Hot Blonde as well. We took a sample and agreed that the spiciness was perfect! Here’s the pictures I was able to snap.

Transferring from the fermentation buckets to the conical for kegging.

The conical filling up. A fine looking beer!

Filtering the Hot Blonde. So we had a small leak, big whoop! Wanna fight about it?

And filling up the kegs.

So, we set the CO2, and this fine brew will be ready just in time for Saturday’s festivities! Don’t forget, this Saturday, October 8th from noon to five in lovely Breese, IL ourselves and many other brewers will be showcasing our handiwork. Come by, say hi, drink some beer!

Our lineup for Saturday:

  • Milk Money – Chocolate Milk Stout 
  • Hot Blonde – Jalapeño Blonde Ale 
  • Martingale – Cream Ale 
  • Mosquito Bite – White IPA 

With a lineup like that, how could you resist?!?

Until next time…