Friday night we brewed our second batch of the honey brown ale. All in all it was a good night! Seth’s mechanical genius is making our brewing process more efficient and cutting down the time it takes to brew our incredible beers.

Our honey brown turned out excellent! Rich, dark brown color and nutty, smoky  flavor, our first attempt at this recipe as an all grain brew. The honey will be added in a few days.

We bottled our all grain American Pale Ale, which yielded 3 beautiful cases! It was good to be us on Friday night!

There will be a break in our brewing for the next couple of weeks. Next weekend is my anniversary, and the weekend after is DAFCAE! Also known as the Dude’s Annual Fall Camping Adventure Extravaganza! Where many of our brews will be consumed fireside.

Back at it on Friday, October 26th. We’ll keep you posted. Have a great week everybody!