It was a brisk evening of brewing. A chill was in the air, and the leaves are beginning their metamorphosis into an amber palate of color. Amber. Like the glorious coloring of our second batch of American Pale Ale. I have not been this excited since I snuck into a bar as an adolescent to see my first pair of woman-boobies! Ah, the memories. Not unlike that wet tee-shirt contest, the sight of those full 3 cases of APA were breath taking!

I do believe it is safe to say, that the learning-curve regarding the transition to all-grain brewing has been concurred! As reported earlier, the all-grain venture with the Honey Brown, was also a success. Two in a row is definitely a pattern. As the Regular Guy brewers retreat into the arms of nature for some pyrotechnics, beer downing and camaraderie, the APA will make another voyage across my lips.

 I anticipate the full-bodied, succulent, robust, yet subtle flavor upon my lips will stir my soul and excite the senses. You see, its not too far removed from that dampened undergarment mammary competition. Ah, the memories!