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Last night we cracked open our second attempt at our wheat beer. While this was our second attempt, it was our first attempt at all grain brewing and Seth’s revamped recipe.

While it was leaps and bounds above our first wheat beer, it’s not quite there yet. First of all, it was WAY to effervescent. Actually, when Brian left last night he thanked me for having him over for soda! We ran out of corn sugar when bottling this batch and had to use table sugar instead, and apparently, too much. How do you fix this problem? You buy a big ass bag of corn sugar, problem solved! The flavor is right on, but a little on the weak side. We ran in to some speed bumps while brewing this batch, but have since ironed out the issues while brewing other batches. Give us a break! It was our first all grain!

The most important lesson learned, if you’re the guy pouring the grains into the mash tun, make sure more grains get into the tun than get onto the floor…my bad.

Anyway we are extremely confident that our next wheat will be right where we want it to be. Seth’s recipe is amazing (as always), Brian’s going to be all sexy (as always) and I’ve been practicing pouring things into other things.

Brewing resumes on October 26th!