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Last Friday we brewed another batch of our Pale Ale. This recipe was tweaked a little based off our impression of our last two batches and some taste changes we wanted to make. With a hops change and a new grain addition, we are hoping we found the combo we are looking for.

Now to get technical, as far as the hands on brewing stuff, that is. Friday night was a huge night for us as brewers. All of our numbers matched up, our temperatures were constant, our mash and brewhouse efficiencies were were the highest we’ve ever seen them. Seth’s ingenious plumbing set up worked beautifully, we didn’t spill a drop! And it was the fastest we’ve ever brewed beer. All in all it was an awesome night! I’m extremely proud of Seth and Brian for all of the hard work, planning, and creativity that’s gone into our beer so far. I definitely feel like we are on the right track and I can’t wait to sample the fruits of our labor.

This Friday we bottle our latest wheat concoction, wish us luck!

Until next time!