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I can’t give a really good update, because I wasn’t actually at the brew session last night. I was stuck on afternoons all week and after seeing my wife for a total of 2 hours this week, I thought it was in my best interest to go home. So for a proper update, you’ll have to ask Brian or Seth.

But here’s what I’ve gathered.

Last night the better looking and more talented 2/3 of the Regular Guy team brewed a NEW beer. They brewed a traditional blonde with an unconventional kick. These wacky bastards added jalepeño. The first tastings were reported as, “slightly sweet with a nice kick.” Thank you Seth for the report. While I’m sad that I didn’t get to taste this spicy blonde concoction, I’m really looking forward to the finished product.

On a different note the more intelligent and slightly sexier 2/3 of the Regular Guy team also kegged our latest heffe. They didn’t sample it, but I was told it smelled amazing!

Thanks Brian and Seth, I can’t wait to taste the fruits of your labor!