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Hello all you Regular Guy lovers! I know it’s early in the week, but I’m more than just a little excited for this Friday night. The time to brew will again be upon us and we are brewing a completely new Pale Ale recipe!

Will the new recipe replace the old? Will the old triumph in the battle to end all beer battles? Will I ever get a date for prom…wait?

I’m going to update you live from brew night. I may take pictures and/or video and post it right here at http://www.regularguybrewing.com. It’ll be like you have ringside seats to that underground wrestling thing you’ve never really heard about, but you think you remember someone saying something about it or a similarly related subject and you kind of think you know what I’m talking about. Sort of.

Keep in mind folks, I’m passing up an opportunity for an epic night of Gears of War Judgement debauchery for this brew…so you know this is gonna be huge!

Stay tuned!!!!!