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I must start with a big fat I’m sorry! I know all of our two followers were anxiously awaiting the pictures and/or video I promised for Friday night’s brew session. I’m not going to beat around the bush or try to sugar coat it.

I cannot tell a lie…I got to drinking and I forgot all about it. I dropped the ball, and I hope the two of you can forgive me.

As far as Friday night’s session is concerned, we kicked some ass! Seth’s brew tech stuff is an out-of-this-world creation! Brewing is so efficient now! As far as the beer, I’m pretty excited about the new Pale Ale recipe. It’s hops aroma and bold taste were a great start to what will hopefully be an amazing beer! This will also be our first time dry hopping. Exciting stuff!

On a different note, we opened up our Milk Stout. While still a bit premature, it  had great flavor. It was smooth and thick and it was black as night! Another couple weeks and she’ll be ready.

In summation, I apologize for not keeping my word with pictures and/or video and we had another successful brew day!

Until next time.