It has been a while since we brewed some beer, but for good reason. As you all know my wife and I had our baby girl on March 29th and Seth and his wife had their baby girl on April 15th. Family life has overshadowed brewing, but what an exciting time it has been! I can report that both baby girls are in excellent health and are as happy as can be! I think I speak for all of us when I say, if there was ever any reason to skip brewing, a couple of beautiful baby girls are well worth it! I think I also speak for all of us when I say, when the time comes to brew beer again we will all be equally excited!

In beer news, we did spare some time to bottle our latest pale ale. Although there wasn’t much to bottle after our many samplings from the keg, we all left with a little to share with friends and family. This is by far the best pale ale we have brewed. It is quite delicious. I’d offer you a taste if I still had some left! I guess you’ll all have to wait until we brew it again. Maybe this time we’ll brew a double batch!

Until next time…