First and foremost, to all our vigilant readers (or reader), sorry for the lack of communication as of late. Life has been shifting gears for the Regular Guy Crew as of late, but in the best of ways, and there hasn’t been as much free time to brew beer or to even blog about brewing said beer.

scarletFirst, I am happy to report that Justin (or rather his wife) had a baby girl. Her name is Scarlet, and damn she is a little cutie. Just look at that face!

Along similar lines, my wife and I will be welcoming a baby girl of our own into the world next Monday. I will be sure to post photos of her just as soon as I can.

Worry not though. This ain’t no cute baby blog. This is a blog about brewing beer. And there is still much to discuss.

First, let me catch both of you up on the status of our sweet stout. It needed a couple extra weeks in the fermenter, but it is now in the keg getting pressurized and carbonated. We drew off a few samples before transferring it, and it was darn good. It was blacker than a pimp’s heart, but sweeter than a hooker with a heart of gold. It had a great mouthfeel, and that sweet but roasted espresso like flavor you want from a cream stout. Can’t wait to see how it tastes with a few bubbles in it. We will be bottling it up this weekend, and I am tingling with anticipation.

Also on tap for this weekend, the kegging of the latest incarnation of our American Pale Ale – our first experiment with dry hopping. Really excited about this one too. It had, by far, the most active of fermentations of any of our brews to date. Really anxious to see what impact this will have on its taste. Once that it is in the keg, we will set it and forget it for a week, and then we will bottle it up.

Finally, we will have some more beer to drink. After a few celaring mishaps earlier this year, things have been running a bit dry in these parts.

Then, we will probably be done brewing for a little while. For a couple months anyways. At least until the wife gives me the greenlight again to shirk my fatherly duties for the occasional late night of mashing and boiling.

But that doesn’t mean that work won’t be taking place. On the brew-tech side of things I have several projects in mind for the next couple months. Here is what I will be working on:

1) Electric Heat Stick to precisely control the temperature of the sparge water in our hot liquor tank.

2) A self-temperture regulating 15 gallon conical fermenter

3) An automated mash stirrer

4) A frozen yeast bank

5) Whatever else tickles my fancy

Along with all these, much more research and development will be done by all three of us at Regular Guy Brewing to fine tune our existing recipes while also developing new ones that we might like to try.

We will also be putting work into developing our game plan. We will put our heads together, as often as we can, to determine what the best direction might be for us to take to make this little brewery dream a reality.

Expect big things this summer. More beer. Bigger brews.

It’s gonna be a blasty.