Busy schedules and busy home life don’t always allow for marathon brew sessions, but we were able to get together last Thursday evening to bottle our latest batch of Hot Blonde. BUT as they say, the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. The bottles were sanitized and the keg was primed. Just as we were about to bottle the deliciousness that is our Hot Blonde, we realized we didn’t have any bottle caps. Bummer! No beer was going home with us that night.

We did, however, tap that keg and give the Hot Blonde a taste. With this batch we were looking to increase the heat just a little. This time around the jalapeño flavor really came through, complimented by a nice earthy tone and just the right amount of spice that sits on the tongue. Still not too hot, but just right! It was carbonated perfectly and had a beautiful pale yellow color.

While the beer didn’t travel home with us, we still made another damn fine beer.

Until next time.