Now that I have that 90’s clubbin’ song and terrible movie reference out of my system I can talk about something related to beer. Glorious, wonderful beer!

This winter, the weather has been less than cooperative for beer making when brewing in a non climate controlled environment. Negative temperatures and 8 feet of snow are not ideal brewing conditions. This would explain our lack of posts as of late because frankly, we just haven’t had much going on. That stops now!

The Regular Guys got together a couple of weeks ago and had a meeting of the minds. Plans were made, schematics were drawn and coal was turned into diamonds with our bare hands! Okay, so diamonds weren’t really hand squeezed that night, I mean that takes a lot of pressure, more than any man can produce, and we didn’t really draw schematics, I took some notes in my notebook, BUT we did make brewing plans for the warmer temperatures ahead and drank some good beers in good company.  We now have six (6) count them 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 six mainstays for the Regular Guy brand that we will be perfecting over the next spring, summer and fall.

Plus, we know how much you hate not hearing from us so we are going to make a commitment to you to keep you updated more often. Even if it means posting nonsense like an excerpt from a crappy 90’s clubbin’ song. Seriously, we can’t afford to lose all of our 2 followers (thanks mom!). We also have some fun surprises coming up involving our second passion, video production! What could it be? Calm down grandma, you’ll have to wait.

Until next time.