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The question we get asked time and time again is, “aside from beer and brewing beer, what else do you guys love?” No one asks us that, but I will tell you what else we love regardless.

1. America

2. Hockey

Just so happens a little hockey team known as the United States of America is playing in some kind of tournament called the Olympics, maybe you’ve heard of it.

Anyway, the Regular Guys live in the St. Louis area and are huge fans of the St. Louis Blues (before they started playing so well, no fair weather fans here folks)  which just so happened to send 10 of their players to the Olympics this year. Pretty impressive if you ask me. Even more impressive three of our Blues, David Backes, TJ Oshie and Kevin Shattenkirk are playing for the good ol U S of A!

So I know I’m a little late for an update on today’s 7-1 win over Slovakia, but I really just want to highlight one of the goals by our own David Backes!

Congratulations to all of the players chosen to represent their respective countries. What an honor.

USA! USA! USA! (and Regular Guy beer too yeah!)