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It’s St. Patrick’s Day and you could use some interesting facts on this beloved holiday. Let’s get started shall we?


St. Patrick wasn’t Irish. Historians believe he was born in what is now England, Scotland or Wales.

St. Patrick’s Day was invented in America.

March 17th is actually the day St. Patrick died. It’s like his death birthday.

St. Patrick didn’t drive all the snakes from Ireland. There were never snakes there, the climate is too cold.

Corned beef and cabbage isn’t a traditional Irish dish. It’s about as Irish as spaghetti and meatballs.

One time I didn’t wear green on St.  Patrick’s Day and I got in a car wreck.

“Paddy” is actually a 19th century slur for  Irish people.

The harp is the symbol of Ireland, not the shamrock.

Everybody have a fun and safe St. Patrick’s Day!