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Hello everybody! It’s Wednesday, March 19th 2014. Now that the St. Patrick’s Day hangover is officially remedied it’s time to get down to business.


First off, the other day Brian and I received a text from Seth with an attached picture that read, “The new caps are in! The new caps are in!” Pictured above are the new Regular Guy Brewing caps! We’re excited about them.

Second, we are set to brew this Friday night. It’ll be our first batch of the season and we decided to brew our Hot Blonde JalapeƱo Blonde Ale! In case you forgot here’s the beer porn I posted a little while ago.


Super pumped to brew this again, and really just to be brewing again in general!

Update item three, I have more beer porn on the way! This will include our Smokey Grove Apple Smoked Porter and some fun, random photos of the equipment we currently use.

Tons of fun stuff coming up, hang tight and we’ll keep it coming.