Today is Thursday, tomorrow is Friday. Most people are happy when it’s Friday. Brian, Seth and I are always happy it’s Friday because it means it’s meeting or brewing or research night for the Regular Guys. This Friday just so happens to be brew night. So why am I not happy? BECAUSE I WON’T BE THERE! Also, BECAUSE WE’RE BREWING A BRAND NEW RECIPE!

Why won’t I be there to brew our brand new Extra Pale Ale? I have to prepare my house for my daughter’s first birthday party.


There’s my beautiful baby girl!

Now, I’m not upset that I can’t be there to brew because it’s my daughter’s birthday, I’m just not thrilled that I’m missing the brew session to clean the house.

Hmmm…brewing or cleaning the house…it’s a no brainer. I’d rather be brewing, but tell that to my wife who would be stuck cleaning the house by herself while I go have fun. Probably wouldn’t end well for me.

As they say, a happy wife equals a happy life. I think I can bite the bullet this time, even though we are brewing a new recipe that I am extremely excited about.

Bitter and frustrated.