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…but I know I love you
And that may be
All I need to know…


Such the wordsmith Aaron Neville, Aaron Neville such the wordsmith. How does this pertain to beer or brewing?
Because I don’t know much about how the brew session went on Friday because I wasn’t there.

Here’s what I gathered from brief text conversations with Brian and Seth on Saturday.

1. My choice in hop sacks was a poor one indeed. Apparently it didn’t contain the hops as well as it should and made a larger than normal mess of the kettle.

B. Our numbers were spot on and our efficiency was at 83%.

☆ The color was beauteous.

■ The aroma and flavor were unlike anything else we have brewed prior.

♧ Vice grips are a handy tool to have when the drill dies and you can’t find the handle for the grain mill. Also makes for a great arm workout.

¤ The only thing I can confirm 100% (because I wasn’t there, I’m still bummed about it) is that we brewed a brand new recipe, our Extra Pale Ale.

● I can also confirm that my phone has some pretty nifty symbol options on it.

So there you have it. Friday night brew session all wrapped up for you in list format for your organized viewing pleasure.

Until next time…