Hello friends and fellow beer lovers. I know how you get all cranky and whiney when you don’t get your Regular Guy Brewing blog fix, so I’m going to help you out. I got what you need, you just need a little update. It’s update time! Gather round because here it comes…

Friday night the Regular Guys got together to bottle our unnamed EPA and transfer the Smokey Grove Apple Smoked Porter to the keg for carbonation.

Let’s start with the unnamed EPA. This was a brand spanking new recipe that Brewmaster Seth came up with. It was our first time brewing it and it came out pretty darn good. Was it perfect? No. We all agreed it could use a little more tweaking. Now, I’m not saying it was bad. Would I drink a pint? Yes. Would I drink two pints? Yes. Would I drink a six pack? I would. Would I drink it all day? As a matter of fact, I’d be happy to. So what’s wrong with it? You ask all befuddled. It just didn’t have the flavor and aroma characteristics we were looking for. This is a good thing, think about it. We brewed a beer that was good enough to drink all day and still went back to the recipe drawing board because it didn’t have the perfect aroma and flavor. What’s this mean to you? When you finally see our beer out and about you’ll know that we painstakingly brewed that beer until it was absolutely perfect. No matter how long it took and no matter how many times we had to brew it to get it just right. That’s a big compliment to you, our future customers.

I feel like I needed a giant American flag flapping in the breeze behind me as a bald eagle landed on my shoulder holding an apple pie during that spiel.

Anyway, our Smokey Grove Apple Smoked Porter went into the keg for carbonation and we did get to taste this black beauty. I’ll give a full description after carbonation, but for now you can know it was delicious! The smokiness and apple flavor really came through. It was slightly sweet and finished clean. I can’t wait to share this beer. There will be more to come in about a week on the Smokey Grove.

Well, that’s about it, you’ve been updated. So, until next time…