ImageFirst off, if you are reading this blog post, there’s a pretty decent chance that you found your way here from one of our Social Media channels. You probably clicked on a link to this post from either Twitter or Facebook, and for that I…and the other Regular Guys…thank you.

Secondly, I find that I am struggling with a question. It’s nagging me. It’s something I just can’t fully understand. That question is…Why?

Why are you here? Why are you interested in us? We don’t even have a product we can sell you! And yet, here you are.

I am humbled and appreciative of your interest, but to be perfectly blunt…I just don’t understand why people are coming here.

All we have done up to this point is show a little personality, share some fun news and notes that we have come across online, and give the occasional update on our brewing progress. It doesn’t seem like all that much, but yet, our followers continue to grow.

Now, I am not saying “Go Away” or anything. Far from it. Please pull up a seat. Make yourself comfortable. Stick around for a while.

Truthfully, I have gotten almost giddy at times watching the Twitter updates pop up on my phone. It has been exciting to see our follower count tick up each and every day. I have enjoyed the interactions and the interest.

And for that, I would be remiss if I didn’t give credit to whom it was due. Justin has really taken ownership of our Social Media endeavors, and probably 75% of our posts (if not more) come from him. That dude is a Twitter machine! He’s been curating our accounts with ninja like efficiency, taking that bull by the horns and wrestling it into submission. He’s a beast that can not and will not be stopped. His relentless efforts have resulted in a steady flow of new followers who want to engage with us.

I’m just having a hard time understanding why.

A couple weeks ago, I was interviewed by one of our followers – Nick’s Beer Blog (click here to check out the transcript). While the conversation was a very enjoyable one, it felt very odd that someone actually wanted MY thoughts about beer and brewing. It was like a dream…though not at all, because I knew if it were actually a dream I would probably be being interviewed by Kate Upton, not some guy from Minnesota, and I would probably be really nervous because I forgot to wear pants. Regardless, as surreal as that experience was…it was even more surreal to see that people were actually re-tweeting and favoriting his posts about it.

wpid-20140321_231430.jpgWho are we we, as a brewery, for anyone to be interested in at this point? More than that, who the hell am I – as in individual – for people to be interested in reading about? I didn’t go to the Siebel Institute or UC-Davis. I’m a self-taught home-brewer with zero visions of grandeur. I’m a guy who likes to play with pumps and hoses and enter the occasional number or two into my laptop. I’m just doing what I like.

Yes, we have an idea. Yes, we have a plan. Yes, we have drive and ambition. Beyond that though, what makes us so interesting? Or, is that enough?

Maybe it’s just an odd and sudden wave of modesty, but I am really having a hard time grasping the little bit of attention that we are getting.

That said, please keep it coming.

We have a lot of exciting steps on the horizon, and it makes them even more exciting to know that we have followers and supporters already behind us. Starting any kind of entrepreneurial venture takes a lot of guts and balls. It’s a risk, no matter how prepared you might be.

We really do appreciate every bit of support that we get, and that support makes the many risks that lie ahead all the easier to swallow.

We thank you, and look forward to the day that Regular Guy Brewing will have more than just links, photos and posts to share with you.