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Early May back in 2014,
What a very special night for…Regular Guy Brewing.
What a beer, oh what a night.

I apologize. My terrible singing voice even comes through on here.

I also apologize to The Four Seasons for ruining your song.

Friday night we got together to bottle a couple beers. We bottled our unnamed EPA.


That’s the beautiful baby in the foreground. The other beautiful baby in the background is the one and only Yuengling Traditional Lager, obviously. We drank some of that too. Our EPA turned out great for the first dtaft recipe. We have some minor tweaks we want to make before we brew it again, but all in all this one was a success.

We also bottled our Smokey Grove Apple Smoked Porter.


You can call it “black beauty” or simply delicious! Of course the Yuengling jumped in for the photo op as well.

Full flavor descriptions and ingredient profiles will be coming soon for these two mainstays.

Have a great week everybody!