Being a brewer isn’t always about brewing beer. Sometimes it’s about crunching numbers and budgeting. Sometimes it’s about recipe building and water science. Sometimes it’s about hitting the streets and getting some good unbiased feedback from potential future customers. That’s what tonight is all about.

Over the past couple years, we’ve been carefully and strategically building a relationship with an establishment that we feel would best serve our brand. This establishment will be our starting point, our first of many (hopefully). We love this bar. From the great food to the wide selection of beer on tap, to the very friendly and helpful owners and staff, this is the bar for the regular guy who wants more from his beer than fizzy yellow water beer.

So we venture out with a six pack sampler of tasty Regular Guy beers to serve up a flight to the owners. We’ll get their feedback, find out if our beer or beers would be a welcome addition to their line up and continue to grow our relationship with our future number one.

Wish us luck and we’ll fill you in on the progress we’re hoping to make!

Have a great weekend everybody!