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That’s right kids, it’s Friday and I couldn’t possibly be more excited! Why? You ask with child – like wonderment in your oddly gigantic eye balls. I’ll get to that in a minute, but first I need to get something off my chest.

1. Why do some parents drive their cars to the bus stop to pick up their kid after school? If you can drive to the bus stop, why don’t you just drive to the school and pick up little Robbie or Susie? You’re only causing more congestion on the road for the rest of us. It’s the strangest case of laziness that has ever existed.


2. Dogs that always look happy annoy me. Don’t get me wrong, I like dogs, but there has to be something that bums them out or pisses them off. You can’t tell me that Fido is still smiling when he walks over to his food bowl with great anticipation to find it em empty. Brian’s dog, Indiana Jones, always looks disappointed when I won’t let him hump my leg. That’s to be expected, I have incredibly good looking legs.


3. Every cat ever annoys me. I’ll pet a cat, sure, and I wouldn’t be mean to a cat. I enjoy cat memes and funny cat pictures, but they’re just so damn smug. Looking at me like you’re better than me. I buy you an awesome toy and you only want the box? Cats are the only pet that can lower your self esteem. SHOW SOME EXPRESSION FROM TIME TO TIME!


I’m trying to think if there’s anything else. Guess not because I feel a hell of a lot better.

Oh well, back to why I’m so excited it’s Friday. What could possibly get me so excited that I use symbols to disguise an expletive? We’re brewing!

You: Big deal. You and everybody else brews all the time.

Me: God! You’re just like smug cat up there!

This is a big brewing night for us because we didn’t brew last week. We all had a long list of honey do’s to take care of and spent some quality time with our families. Plus we are now working on revised recipes for our Hot Blonde Jalapeño Blonde Ale, Smokey Grove Apple Smoked Porter and our unnamed EPA. Don’t worry, these revisions are just minor tweaks, knit picky things that we feel will enhance your drinking experience. We won’t completely change the beer you’ve come to know and love.

On the docket for this evening is our unnamed EPA v2.0. I’m really looking forward to brewing this beer again and can’t wait to find out how brewmaster Seth has modified the recipe.

I’ll have my camera handy so look forward to an awesome update on Monday. Have a great weekend everybody!