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Most of the time my Monday morning update is actually on a Monday, not this time! It’s also usually about the three of us getting together and brewing or kegging or bottling or doing something brew related, but this weekend was a little different. Our brewmaster, Seth, was out of town for his “real job.” This left Brian and I wondering what we should do with ourselves.

We could brew, I mean we do have all the equipment at Brian’s, but it just wouldn’t feel right brewing without our fearless leader.

We could take a long drive and go play disc golf in a cave, but it just wouldn’t feel right playing disc golf without the guy who introduced us to the sport.

We could take an even longer drive to the eat the best horseshoe sandwiches in the entire world, but it just wouldn’t feel right eating a horseshoe without the guy who brought those delicious sandwiches into our lives.

We could go check out a new local brewpub we haven’t tried yet, but it just wouldn’t feel right…you get the idea. We like doing stuff together, the three of us.  We’re good, loyal friends.

So what can we do that Seth doesn’t really care to do, but Brian and I both like to do? Play video games, duh!


(No we didn’t get to play the NES, I don’t have one anymore) We don’t get the opportunity to play on our own much anymore let alone playing together. It seemed like the obvious choice. Before we settled in for our marathon gaming session, we grabbed a couple of six packs.

We got the Sierra Nevada Flipside Red IPA.


Which paired really well with the Gears of War 3 we were playing.


We also picked up the Lagunitas Little Sumpin’ Extra.


Which paired quite nicely with the NHL 14 we played as well.


Both of these beers were an excellent choice, not always the case when purchasing beer you’ve never tried before.

Anyway, as much fun as Brian and I had doing stuff that Seth doesn’t really like to do, we missed our friend very much. We’re happy that he has returned home safely and that we’ll all be back together this Friday to do something we all love, brew some delicious Regular Guy beer!

Oh yeah, Brian and I also went to Hooters. The food, service and beer was terrible. They’ve got nothing on Buffalo Wild Wings.

Until next time…