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Holy frijoles! It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post. Actually the last one I wrote was me whining about not being able to brew.  I’m not going to put you through that again. Why? You ask. Did you guys actually brew something? You also ask. No we didn’t, but we did meet up with our good friends and homebrewers from StolzeStyle Brewing and fellow craft beer enthusiast Dwayne Muckensturm at a lovely little microbrewery, you may have heard me talk about them before, Recess Brewing.

We had a great time at Recess Brewing,  it was Eric and Jenny’s (StolzeStyle Brewing) first time trying their beer, we met Dwayne for the first time in person, and not just on Twitter, met Dwayne’s friend JT and finally met the other half of Recess Brewing, Kris. It was a whole night of first times! Great beer, great company and great conversations, could it get any better?

It could!

After we closed Recess, Eric and Jenny followed us back to my house to finish the evening sharing our homebrew. They brought six different homebrew selections! While they were all quite tasty, my personal favorites were the Black IPA and the Bourbon Barrel Stout made with cocoa nibs. We presented them with only three different brews, two of which they have already tried. To make up for the lack of variety, we made them sit through every crappy movie we ever made! Evened it right up!

My only regret about the night, was I completely forgot to snap a few pictures to share with you. Shows how out of practice I am on the old blogging machine! Don’t fret. Brian, Seth and I are getting together this Friday night to work on the business plan and some budget stuff and I’ll have my trusty camera at the ready to capture all of the spreadsheet excitement!

Until next time!