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Yes you heard me right, let’s talk about IPA’s, but not just any IPA, the Regular Guy Brewing IPA. Now the IPA is not a new concept, it actually originated in the late 18th century. So why am I making a big deal about IPA’s if they’ve been around for so many years? Well, after three years of brewing many different styles and re-brewing the ones that we really liked and then re-brewing those countless times until we had the recipes just right, we have finally brewed an IPA!
Well, technically we didn’t just brew it, we brewed it back on June 15th. Maybe this will jog your memory.


There’s that IPA filling the kettle! Gorgeous beer. Anyway, this past Friday all the transferring to secondary and dry hopping and carbonation were finally complete and it was time to bottle and of course, sample our very first IPA. What I will say about the IPA is that it is very well balanced. It finished at 70 IBU’s which is bitter enough to let you know it’s an IPA, but won’t violate your mouth. It’s unique, I haven’t had any IPA that tasted quite like it, this is a good thing. A great tasting, just bitter enough, unique IPA, could you ask for anything more in an IPA that you’ve just brewed once? I don’t think so.

So would you like to meet our IPA? Let’s go to the pictures!


Before we bottle, we pull a sample. This is the IPA being poured for the first time.


Took a break from capping the bottles to admire the IPA in all it’s glory.


Here’s a bunch of bottled IPA’s ready to take home. Halfway through labeling the caps with an uppercase “I” we realized that if you turn the bottle 90° it becomes an “H”. Could be confusing for some.




I thought I should include this picture as the garage doesn’t do the actual color of the beer any justice and it’s in the proper IPA glass.

So that’s it, we’ll be taking a short break from brewing as we have some family stuff to take care of in the coming weeks, but we’ll be back soon with our Extra Pale Ale, Smokey Grove Apple Smoked Porter and our Red Rye-der IPA.

How many times did I say IPA in this post? The answer is 21. And yes I did it on purpose to see if you’d catch it.

Until next time…IPA, 22!