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The last time we talked was the Monday after the Breese Fall Festival, sorry about the lack of communication, but the Regular Guys have been BUSY!
In the weeks following the competition we took a break to go on our annual Fall camping/disc golf/overeating/drunk fest we lovingly refer to as DAFCAE (daff – kay). Yes the Dude’s Annual Fall Camping Adventure Extravaganza was a blast just like it is every year.


Huge fires.


54 holes of disc golf.


Quality dude time. It’s a weekend that we get to forget about our jobs, brewing plans, and reality in general. We get to unwind and be best friends doing the things we like to do. It’s a great weekend!

This past weekend we needed to sort out the brewery. We didn’t have time to clean and organize after the Breese festival so we had to get it done before we started brewing again. I didn’t take any pictures because I doubt you want to see PBW running through empty kegs or the shelves being cleaned and organized or tubing being sanitized, right? We did make a brewing schedule for the remainder of the year. We plan on brewing our EPA and a chocolate milk stout. Half of that chocolate milk stout will go into a whiskey barrel that we got from Square One Brewing.


Remember that? Yeah you do! These two beers will be done before Christmas (the whiskey barrel aged chocolate milk stout won’t be ready until about April) then we’ll break for the holidays and resume in January.

So I titled this post plans, plans, and more plans. I’ve covered the first two plans, but what’s the third? In the next couple of weeks we’ll be starting our LLC and applying for our Federal license! What does this mean for you? You’ll be able to buy Regular Guy Brewing beers sooner than you think!


This will soon be a thing ladies and gentlemen, time to get excited!

Until next time…