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Greetings fellow beer enthusiasts! Just wanted to take a minute of your time to let you know what’s on deck. This past weekend Brian, Seth and I did not get together to brew because it was Seth’s wife’s birthday. Brian and I did however sneak out for a visit to Recess Brewing for a couple of beers.


So, you’re probably wondering when we’re brewing again and what it is we’re brewing, right? I figured as much, we are pretty interesting. I’ll fill you in. This Friday we will be brewing a Chocolate Milk Stout, which will pair quite nicely with the bitter cold months ahead. If you recall, this beer will be a split batch and half of it will go into the bourbon barrel that we received from our friends at Square One Brewery.


The only downside to being a garage brewer is the forecast in the late Fall and Winter months.


While my buddy Joe from Minnesota will scoff at this picture because 34° in Eagan is considered shorts and t-shirt weather, it’s still pretty damn chilly when you’re elbow deep in sanitizer water! Hey at least our wort will chill faster!

Well, there you go, you’re informed. Short and sweet, just like you like it!

Until next time…