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Good morning friends. Remember last week when I said, “As excited as I am about this beer, [at the time I was referring to the Red Rye-der] I’m even more excited for this Friday. We’re brewing a recipe that we’ve never brewed before! What is it? You’ll have to check in next week to find out!” Remember? Well……………………………………………………………
That was a long pause for dramatic effect! I’ll just cut to the chase guys. Cut right to it. The chase is getting cut. Somebody ought to cut to that chase! I’m stalling. I apologize for stalling. I’m just a little embarrassed because I told you guys we were brewing a brand new recipe, left you all hanging about what it was, and asked you to check in today for what it was that we brewed. Aaaaaand, we…didn’t…brew. That’s right, we didn’t brew this past Friday. Why? Because Seth had a work event all day Saturday and couldn’t make it out Friday. Perfectly understandable. I just don’t remember him saying it until after I had written the blog post. So here I am folks, a man, swallowing my pride, begging for forgiveness.

You guys: “We forgive you Justin!”

Me: “You do?”

You guys: “You bet we do!”

Me: “You guys sure are swell!”

I do have good news though, we will be brewing the brand new recipe this Friday, I promise! I’m still not going to tell you what it is, but I’ll give this crudely drawn picture of what the final beer should look like as a hint!


I drew that myself, don’t laugh, I think it’s a pretty good drawing.

Until next time…