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Hello all you beautiful beer people! Hopefully you all had a great weekend and are kicking this Monday square in the throat! How was our weekend? I sure am glad you asked. It was fan-flipping-tastic! Even though the brewathon for the Breese Fall Festival is complete, we still have plenty of work to do to get ready. This past Friday Brian, Seth and I got together to sample the White IPA, filter and keg our Chocolate Milk Stout and peek in on the Cream Ale. 

Let’s get this shindig started with a video of the very first pour of our White IPA!

Once again we are impressed by Seth’s recipe building skills. It’s a light, crisp beer with a massive citrus explosion! Hints of coriander and enough hop bitterness to satisfy the hop heads round out this truly refreshing brew.

Brewmaster Seth would like to formally introduce you to our White IPA! It’s a welcome addition to our line up.

After sampling the White IPA, we had plenty left to do. 

After fermenting for 5 long weeks, the Chocolate Milk Stout is ready to be filtered and kegged.

Transferring to the conical before filling the kegs. 

Inside the conical as it’s filling up.

From the conical to the keg, through the filter, and into another keg.

A special little treat for WAY later in the year, we put half of our Chocolate Milk Stout into a bourbon barrel.

Just a closer look at barrel.

Barrel aging again? I know! Pretty sure the last time we did it  is said we weren’t going to do it again. It was just so damn good though! We couldn’t resist. Chocolate Milk Stout  (non-barrel aged) will be ready for a taste this Friday.

Well friends, that’s all I got for now. This Friday we sample the Chocolate Milk Stout, filter and keg the Cream Ale, and add some more jalapeños to the Hot Blonde. Breese Fall Festival is just around the corner, hope to see you guys there!

Until next time…