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Hey friends! Nice to see you! So, I’m going to skip the long intro here this week because I’m just so damn excited to share our next beer for the Breese Fall Festival. Brian, Seth, and I got together on Friday to sample the Chocolate Milk Stout, keg the Cream Ale, and add some jalapeños to the Hot Blonde. I have pictures and a video if you’d like to see them. You would?!? Let’s do the damn thing! 

First I’m going to start with the video. This my friends is our Chocolate Milk Stout. She’s beautiful. Thick and creamy with notes of coffee and chocolate, weighing in at 6% ABV it’s the quintessential wintertime beer! We’re extremely happy with how it turned out. That said, we had plenty of other items to check off our agenda. 

Seth worked on the serving station. He had to add another tap to accommodate all four of the beers we’re bringing to Breese.

Fermentation is complete on the Cream Ale.

While Seth was busy with the serving station, Brian and I transferred the Cream Ale to the conical.

The conical filling up.

From the conical to the keg before filtering.

Filtering the Cream Ale.

We ended our night by adding more jalapeños to the Hot Blonde.

So there’s that. We now have two beers ready to serve on October 8th at the Breese Fall Festival. 

Join us won’t you?

This Friday we sample the Cream Ale and keg the Hot Blonde. Is it Friday yet?

Until next time…