Stuck at work. Man I wish I was brewing. I wish I was breathing in the sweet aroma of boiling wort. Taking in that pungent…but oh so amazing…odor of Cascade hops. I want to be measuring things…stirring things…even CLEANING THINGS!

Need to get out of this place. I feel trapped. Ever since we started brewing, it is all I ever want to do. I love, love, LOVE, brewing beer! Everything about it is pure bliss. It’s a beautiful combination of scientific experimentation and culinary intuition. It is poetry in a glass.

We have only been doing this for a short while, and I can already say…without any doubt or equivocation…that this is what we need to be doing with our lives. I can’t speak for Brian or Justin, but I’m sure they would tend to agree that brewing is the awesomest job on the frickin’ planet.

In a sense, we have actually done ourselves a great disservice by starting down this path. We have provided ourselves with a glimpse of a glorious world in which work…really isn’t work…and then forced ourselves back into our normal daily existence every other day of the week. It’s a giant tease.

With the exception of the standard family stuff, I don’t know that I have ever wanted anything more in my life. I have found my calling. Now just to get there.