Brewing is extremely fulfilling. Not just the brewing itself, but all the other aspects of it. I love the art of business,  the number crunching, business plans, marketing plans and just about anything that gives me a creative outlet. I love the creativity of other people and the entrepreneurial spirit in general, it excites me. It still amazes me how people take that leap of faith, jump into the great unknown and stand up against all odds for their passion.

I work in a steel mill. I would never discredit the knowledge and experience of my union brothers and sisters, but I personally feel like there’s something else out there to better suit my acquired skills. I can’t speak for Brian and Seth, but from conversations we’ve had and knowing them for so long I can deduce that they are very skilled at what they do and are great leaders in their fields. I just can’t help but to think that the three of us were brought together to do something bigger.

The Regular Guys have taken part in numerous businesses over the years. Video production has been and will always be one of our great passions.  We’ve made quirky films for festivals, corporate safety videos, commercials, music videos, instructional disc golf videos, you name it we’ve probably filmed it!  I started a t-shirt company. Seth is a master of creating websites and a guru of graphic design and is still using a company we formed years ago to make the occasional site. Brian and I owned a restaurant, it failed miserably, but the lessons we walked away with are priceless. The point is, whether we succeed or fail in any business we attempt is not important. What’s important is we push forward and continue to try new things. The pursuit of the passion, whatever that passion may be.

What I love about the idea of Regular Guy Brewing is we can combine all of our skills, knowledge and individual backgrounds into one business venture.

Wow, that’s more than I wanted to do on this chilly Sunday, I better take a break!

Until next time!