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As I’ve mentioned before I currently work for a major steel manufacturer.

Steelworkers come in many shapes and sizes, many diverse backgrounds and from all walks of life.

There’s the nice, the mean, the funny, the boring, the one’s striving for the future and the one’s who can’t let go of the past. With all of our differences, we share a common ground in charity.

The men and women I work with are some of the most charitable and supportive people I know. Every paycheck a portion is deducted for charity. When winter draws near, we do a coat and boot drive for kids. At Christmas time we do a toy drive. We do inter – department and company wide collections for our brothers and sisters who have lost a loved one, are missing work due to illness or injury, or are in need of a surgery. There are good people here.

These same good people are extremely supportive and loyal to their fellow steelworkers who have taken the initiative to operate businesses outside of the mill. These good people have already taken Regular Guy Brewing under their wing. Most of them haven’t even had the pleasure of tasting our beer yet, but support the brand relentlessly.

Back to the point of all this. Whenever a collection is needed for any reason, after the money is delivered to the employee, he/she sends a card thanking everyone for their generosity. It usually reads something like this:

Thank you all for your generosity in our time of need. God has truly blessed you with kind hearts.

Or something to that effect. Very heartfelt and to the point. Today I saw a card hung up and I figured it would read the same or similar to all the others. I was pleasantly surprised.


This is the front of the card. Pretty straight forward “thank you” card.


And the note on the inside! I got a good laugh out of it, as did everyone else. What a great sense of humor.

These are the regular guys we are striving to make great beer for. The one’s who work hard, give back, and truly earn it.