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Keeping in the spirit of our first times that Seth wrote about the other day, I thought I’d share my first time with craft brews as well. I touched on my more recent experience with all the complex flavors and aromas in a post titled Beer Noob back when we first started brewing. We were doing “research and development” one night and was blown away by all the varieties of craft beer I had never tried. My first time actually goes back a few years prior.


I was working for a Miller-Coors distributor, which was a dream come true for me as my favorite beer at the time was Coors Light (I know, I know), but we also distributed quite a few imports and craft beers I had never heard of. I was hesitant to try any of these mysterious beverages strictly because they were out of my comfort zone. A friend of mine, who also worked at the distributor, was always buying and trying new beers and constantly had, quite literally, a liquor store in his refrigerator. He constantly urged me to try something different and I constantly grabbed a Coors Light instead until that fateful day. I opened the refrigerator door and the Coors Light was gone! For the love of all that is holy, what am I going to do?

My friend started spouting out all these suggestions for me to try. Rattling off all these different styles of beers and what they were like. I was overwhelmed and he knew it. That’s when he made a suggestion that would ease me into the world of craft beer. A gateway beer if you will. He handed me a Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat.


I was pleasantly surprised by the slightly fruity aroma. It had a subtle sweetness and a light citrus flavor. It wasn’t bitter, as I expected every craft beer to be back then. This beer was completely different than the Coors Light I was used to, and I liked it! I stuck with the Boulevard brand for a few years sampling their other varieties which gave me the confidence to branch out even further. While Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat is no longer my go to beer of choice, it will always hold a special place in my heart.

So thank you Boulevard Brewing Company for sparking my love of craft beer and opening my eyes to everything I was missing out on.