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So we’ve brewed our Hot Blonde Jalapeño Blonde Ale.


That’s a fine lookin’ beer.

We’ve brewed our Extra Pale Ale.


Official name and picture coming soon, it’s a mystery!

We’ve brewed our Smokey Grove Apple Smoked Porter.


Tall, dark and beautiful.

So what’s next for the Regular Guys? We have a few new beers we’d like to brew and Seth is currently working out the details of the recipes. Here’s our working list so far in no particular order:

– Amber Ale

– Kölsh

– Brown Ale

– Cream Ale

I know you were hoping for a more detailed list, but until the recipes are finalized you only get the generic list. Rumor around the brewery is we may be trying our hand at lagering. I can’t confirm it, but I’m not going to deny it!

Until next time…