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What’s up? How’s it goin’? Got any plans for the weekend? We should hang out. Candle lit dinner?  Maybe a movie? Sexy time by the fireplace?


Well we can’t because we’re busy this weekend.

Sorry I lead you on.

That’s right, the Regular Guys are back at it again. We’ve got our Hot Blonde  Jalapeño Blonde Ale that needs to go into the keg for carbonation and our Extra Pale Ale needs to go into secondary and dry hopped. I’m sure we’ll take a little peek at the Smokey Grove Apple Smoked Porter which is fermenting at the moment.

Also, three new recipes coming up, we’re going to be brewing some really exciting beer! Stay tuned for that.

Busy weekend for us. Maybe we can hang out another time…we’ll call you…I promise.

Until next time…