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It was a chilly Friday night. Dark, damp and dreary (pause for effect). Three Regular Guys set out to do what no other man has ever done before. They would brew…beer!

Ok so brewing beer isn’t revolutionary, but what we brewed just might be. WARNING : You are about to view beer porn. If you are in a room with a closed door and value said door, you may want to open that door because this picture has the potential to blow doors down.


That’s right babies, we brewed our Smokey Grove Apple Smoked Porter. Need another picture?


There you go. Yeah, that’s real live smoke in the background for amazing visual effect. You probably have questions and we would answer those questions in a conversation that would go like this:

You: “If you just brewed this beer on Friday how is it already fermented, carbonated and ready to drink?”

Regular Guys: “Oh sweet innocent you, we’re magic, don’t ask questions.”

Then you drink it and rejoice.

This obviously isn’t our first batch of Smokey Grove, but we did do a few things differently. We used a different type of apple this time and put some in the boil and will use some in secondary.


Gorgeous. Next.


Beautiful. Transfering for fermentation. Dark as the night we brewed it.

So there you have it. We hit all of our numbers and efficiency was at 83%. Another successful brew!

Until next time…