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Friday night we got together and kegged our Hot Blonde Jalapeño Blonde Ale for carbonation.


(In case you forgot what this pretty lady looks like)

When we opened the fermenter, what a delight for the senses it was! It was a beautiful hay colored brew. The smell of the jalapeños really came through and the flavor was incredible despite not being carbonated. I can only assume that if your beer is enjoyable before carbonation, it’s going to set the world on fire when it is!

We may have some exciting news about the Hot Blonde that I’ll fill you in on after it happens. Easy biggin’ you’ll find out on Friday.

We also transferred our yet to be named Extra Pale Ale to secondary and dry hopped for that extra boost of hops aroma and flavor. This beer has only been fermenting for two weeks and I wanted to sample it already! Wonderful aroma, citrusy and floral. I’m excited for this beer!

We didn’t do much to our Smokey Grove Apple Smoked Porter because it’s only been fermenting for a week, just watched her bubble away and make alcohol.

We also made a schedule for our next three beers we’re going to brew. A couple of redemption beers and something brand new! Stay tuned because it’s going to get exciting!