Everything happens for a reason? Do you believe that or is it something people say when looking for a silver lining to a dark cloud. Lately there have been some dark clouds looming over my money making job that have left a sour taste in my mouth. Just when I think I’m set on the job I somewhat enjoy, working the hours I like, it’s taken away from me. Then I’m told the majority of the year I’m still going to be working that same job on those same hours. Great right? Wrong! That gets taken away as well.

Now everything’s all jumbled and my future is unclear. I don’t know what schedule I’m going to have week to week or what job I’ll be on day to day.

That’s where this little gem comes in, “everything happens for a reason.” I’ll buy into this saying for the time being. If I want to think deeply into the phrase I could make it work for my situation. Maybe if I fell into the job I wanted so early in my career, I’d spend the next 30 years like a robot. Come into work, do my job, go home and repeat. There’s nothing wrong with that, but maybe I’d lose my drive, creativity and ambition along the way. Maybe the discomfort and uncertainty is supposed to drive me to do something bigger. Maybe I’m not meant to spend the next 30 years working with steel.

Well now the whole, “everything happens for a reason” thing is starting to sound pretty good! I’m starting to feel better about this situation and I can see why people would buy into it.

Now, I wouldn’t call it a “sign,” I’m not going to go off on that tangent, but maybe being uncomfortable in my current job situation will spark my ambitions even further to become a full time professional brewer. Only time will tell. All I know is yesterday I was relatively happy at work and today I feel like I’m frantically searching for something else.

Now that I’ve bummed you out, a cat picture…