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Oh my god, you guys, oh my god. Friday night the Regular Guys got together and got some work done. I’m talking about a ton of work. Most of the work was brew tech related and Seth is going to fill you in on that. What I’m going to tell you about is our yet-to-be-named EPA.

First of all, the EPA had a VERY active fermentation. Brian said that it was so active that the top actually blew off twice! Not just once, TWICE! Luckily he was home both times and barring a mild heart attack, he was able to get the lid back on quickly. Here’s a picture of the EPA in primary.


The remnants of the krausen show just how active the fermentation was. This beautiful beverage isn’t even ready yet and I’ve gotta tell ya, the aroma was quite possibly the best smell that has ever entered my nose. No harsh fumes, no hot alcohol tones, this is going to be a beast. Especially after you see the amount of hops that went into secondary!


Holy cow that’s a lot of hops! We went with a glorious mixture of Columbus and Simcoe hops. Next picture!


This is the Columbus and Simcoe hops welcoming our EPA into their home. Remember how I said up there how our EPA’s aroma was the “best smell that has even entered my nose?” I lied. Our EPA mixed with the Columbus and Simcoe is the best smell that has ever entered my nose!


And here we have the final product. The hops are soaking up the EPA and are going to do their magic. It will bathe in the hop addition in secondary until Friday where we’ll transfer to the keg for carbonation and soon after, we’ll be able to enjoy.

I really can’t wait to try this version of the EPA. Seth did a lot of hard work recalculating and reworking the recipe to make it just right and I have full confidence that it’ll turn out great.

Until next time…